Here at Resolute Defense Solutions we want to bring proven fighting techniques that will prepare our students with the mental and physical abilities to survive an encounter.

Diverse Experience

Our Staff has a wide range of hands on training knowledge as well as professional work experience in order to bring you top notch training.

Resolute Defense Solutions Overview

Sgt. Ryan Ringo BS, LP

 Master Peace Officer

TCOLE Instuctor

DT Instructor

Meet the Staff

Ryan Ringo and Lance Schultz are co-founders of Resolute Defense Solutions

About Our Company

Fitness and Strength Training

Wanting to get in shape? Get strong? Check out STS Training which is owned and operated by RDS Co-Founder Lance Schultz. Schultz specializes in Strength and Conditioning work.  Shultz works with a variety of clients from athletes to civilians to get them prepared for the sport season or just getting them physically fit for their own well being.  At STS you just don't "work out" you "TRAIN"! 

Lance Schultz

Hand to Hand Combatives Expert

Strength/Conditioning Coach Owner/Operator of STS Training

Resolute Defense Solutions is located in Huntsville, Texas  which is 71 miles north of Houston, Texas.  It was founded in 2014 by Ryan Ringo and Lance Schultz.  Ringo and Shultz began Resolute Defense Solutions after training local law enforcement officers in the area which resulted in officers wanting more in depth hand to hand combative training.   We also have classes and seminars geared for civilians and children as well.