This course is designed for Law Enforcement/Military and Security Personel.  Students will be exposed to a wide variety of fighting styles during this high intensity course.  Students will be shown a basic standing guard, strikes, basic combinations as well as ground fighting.  In this course we try to expose the student to the entire fighting relm to prepare them for the unltimate fight they may encounter on the streets or in combat.This course is based on Mixed Martial Arts and no martial arts background is required to learn these skills.  Although many skills will be shown during this course we want more than anything for each student that attends this course to walk away with the confidence that he or she could effectively defend themselves from an attack using basic striking skills and in the "worst case scenario" situation, be able to escape a mounted position with ease.   
Theses classes are designed to prepare the lay person with fighting skills that one can use out in the real world.  Students will learn basic strikes, kicks and techniques to escape the mounted position. During the course of this class students will also receive conditioning training as well as situational awareness.  Situational awareness is extremely important in your everyday activities and can keep you from becoming a victim of sexaual assault, assault and robbery.

Self Defense Classes

Classes meet one night weekely but can be modified to meet your needs.

Cost: $140/mon.

1 hr. sessions


This course is designed for Law Enforcement/Military and Security Personnel that are trainers or defensive tactic instructors.  This in depth three day course will cover everything that the Level I class covered but in greater detail.  Each day you cover step by step instruction on the different basic fighting techniques and how to instruct such techniques so that students can return to their respective agencies and instruct their personnel. In order to receive an instructor certificate for this course students will be required to demonstrate teach backs on the various techniques covered during the course of the three days to assure proper instruction and demonstration will be passed on to your students upon returning to their agency.  Students will receive 24 hours of TCOLE credit and an Instructor Certificate good for two years.  In order to keep your instructor certificate valid students will be required to return every two years for re-cert.  This is to update instructors on new techniques and assure proper instruction of material is being given. 
Mixed Martial Arts for the LEO Level I

I Day Course

8 hr. TCOLE Credit for LEOs


Mixed Martial Arts for the LEO
Level II (Instructor Level Course)

3 Day Course

24 hr. TCOLE Credit for LEOs